In Loving Memory – Milton Fisk, Feb 15 1932 – Sept 8 2022

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Milton Fisk

Milton Fisk


Milton Fisk is an author and activist living in Bloomington, IN, USA. His writing is predominately philosophical but partly political. His activism is predominately local, but it focuses on issues that are of national and international concern.

He welcomes comments on both the philosophical and the political drafts under Writings In Progress. Most of the works under Writings In Print are recent, and comments on them as well are welcome.

Activist organizations with which he is connected appear under Political Action, in hopes of widening cooperation on the causes represented.

As manager of a sizable collection of his father’s artwork, he encourages art lovers, and in particular, those interested in American Modernism, to follow the leads under Family Art.

Milton Fisk speaking in India 2008
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Health Care reform forum Cincinnati, OH 10/27/09.
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