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Edward Fisk – American Modernist Painter and print maker

Edward Fisk - American Modernist Painter“The bulk of Fisk’s extant works are oil paintings –gently abstracted, often intensely colored — that present the farms and towns of Kentucky and Vermont in a style that balances the influences of European expressionism with American realism. Devoted to red, blue, and green, Fisk developed a formalist rigor that emphasized the flatness and frontality of his subjects, whether an isolated tree beside the side of a house, a tabletop assortment of vases, flowers, and fruits, or a portrait of a model in his studio. When he was in his late 40’s, Fisk took on the printmaking media and mastered the difficult processes of etching and mezzotint, producing prints which are impressive for their range of tone and intimate subject matter.” More at –

Graham Fisk – Photography

Unfair To labor





Nancy Fisk – Ceramist

Nancy Ash Fisk